Induction Cap Seals

Induction Cap seals

Induction cap seals are doing their job under the lids of the world’s most popular consumer products. So securely sealing bottles of Food & Beverages, Pharmaceutical Products, Lubricants, Pesticides & Agro-chemicals  is the cap seal liner. Hence ou can find some of the advantages of using induction cap liners:

  1. Providing reliable protection against leaks
  2. Assisting in preserving freshness
  3. Authenticating product integrity
  4. Aiding in preventing product contamination and strengthening consumer confidence
  5. Offering additional branding opportunities, and meeting specialized packaging needs.

Our services also include cap liner extraction and insertion, cap and container evaluations, and custom design. We can supply the proper kind of  induction cap seal liner to seal your plastic or glass bottles.

Induction cap seals

Induction cap seals

There are different types of 1 pc and 2 pc Induction cap seals. The 2 pc type is consist of an aluminum layer as sealing layer and a PE foam or paper as backing layer. The backing layer will separate from the sealing layer and remain in the bottle closure as secondary sealing liner. It limits the air circulation of the packed products with the outside environment and keeps the product freshness during consumption period for a longer time.

So its now clear that HDPE, PET, PP, PVC and also Glass bottles and containers can be safely sealed with using our cap seal liners. So Induction cap seals and wads can help manufacturers to forget about leakage problems.

As a result, Induction cap seals are strongly recommended for sealing different glass and plastic bottles and containers. Therefore if you need any kind of Induction cap seals please kindly contact our sales staff to provide you with the latest price lists of the cap seal liners. Its our pleasure to serve you at soonest. For more information check our blog. You may also check our partner website for induction seal liners here.

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