Cap Seal

Cap Seal

Cap seal if is that your concern probably you are in the right place? Are you looking for an cheap & secure sealing solution for your plastic bottles? Therefore induction cap seal liners are your best solution. But what kinds of cap seal maybe the one suits your needs? First of all let see what is your container material? If it is Plastic (PET, PE, PP, PVC) or Glass please check this page out.

We suggest manufacturers to use induction cap sealing liners to seal their bottles and Jars. Cap seals are popular because they are cheap, quick and secure sealing materials. Almost all famous companies are currently using it to seal their product bottles. If you are using a plastic bottle (PET, PE, PP or PVC) or a glass bottle, therefore you can easily apply induction bottle seal on them. Just forget about leakage, shelf tampering and spoilage of your products by using bottle seal.

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Induction Cap Seal

Almost all kinds of industries are using induction cap sealing liners due to its reliability. Securely sealing result attracts manufacturers to use induction sealing method. Some of the products and industries currently using induction sealing met

cap seal liner

cap seal

hods are as follow:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverages
  • Chemicals, Agro chemicals, Pesticides
  • Lubricants

Induction bottle sealing liners are available almost in 2 main types.

#1: 1pc cap seal liners

#2: 2 pc cap seal liners


Cap Sealing Liners

Cap sealing liners will deliver consistent and reliable induction sealing to an extensive range of products and containers. Therefore manufacturers will widely use them to ensure that their products remain intact. Also as a 2nd result and the product remains ‘factory fresh’ until it is going to be used by their clients.

How to apply induction cap sealing liners on the product bottles? First of all the induction seal liner should be inserted into the bottle closure. Secondly the product is filled into the bottle and the cap & liner should be applied to the container. Finally bottle will seal by an induction sealing machine (whether hand held or automatic induction sealer).

In order for the induction foil seal liner materials to function correctly, the closure must have sufficient means of retaining the liner material behind a retention bead while allowing the liner to rotate freely and the closure must press the induction liner firmly on the bottle neck. Otherwise a strong sealing won’t achieve even by using a high quality bottle cap seal.

cap seal

induction cap seal liner