Agro Seals

Agro Seals

Agro Seals or also Agrochemical induction seal liners can provide a strong bonded seal with higher chemical resistance strength. While packing corrosive chemicals (pesticides, acids, Agro-chemical) a leakage free sealing is very important. Also a secure sealing will increase the products shelf life. Furthermore the product will remain intact till it arr


Agro seals - pest seals

ives to the consumer.

Agro seals for PET & HDPE Bottles

Ultra strong gold seal liners also popular as Pest Seals, will provide a strong sealing and due to their special function. The gold and silver Agro seal would be available for HDPE & PET bottle sealing. In ultra-strong agro seals for PET and HDPE containers, the aluminum layer will protect by a high resistance barrier layer.

Agro seal liners are high resistance agro chemical seal against corrosive chemicals and provide a strong sealing for agro chemical bottles. We are providing our clients with induction seal liners for agro chemical products for years. We can cut silver and gold agro seals in so many pre-cut disc liners as per our clients’ inquiry. Some popular agro seals diameters are 25.5 mm, 28 mm, 38 mm, 45 mm and 46 mm. Furthermore we are able to slit agro seal rolls and tapes based on our clients’ inquiries as well.

agro seals

agro seal

Agro Chemical Seal Liners

Pest seal induction liners are mostly 2 pieces type. The backing material maybe is Paper or Foam (agro chemical foam seal). It will remain in the chemical bottle closure provide further sealing after the seal is removed from the bottle mouth. There are simple and also vent seal liners for chemical products.  Vent seals have a breathable membrane to eliminate off-gassing of products and also changes in container pressure. The vent liners will let the gasses of the bottle and keep the product safe during shipment and storage. You can check our blog here.