Cap Liners and seals

Cap Liners and Seals

Cap liners and seals are very popular because they are providing reliable protection against leaks. Furthermore they are assisting in preserving freshness and authenticating product integrity. Also Cap liners and seals easily prevent product contamination during shipment and also while waiting for sale in the stores. Therefore using cap liners and seals under the lids of the world’s most popular consumer products is strengthening consumer confidence. Also it is offering additional branding opportunities and meeting specialized packaging needs.

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Induction Cap liners

We do suggest almost all manufacturers looking for a cheap, quick and secure sealing method to use induction Cap liners. Induction cap liners are almost the most secure, most popular and also cheapest sealing solution for a very wide range of bottle and container materials. By choosing the proper Induction cap liner, seems you have reached the easiest sealing method.

cap liners and seals

cap liners and seals

How to find the proper cap liners and seals for your bottle? First of all we should know what your bottle or container material is. So, we can recommend the proper liner probably solve your sealing problem.

Induction cap liners can be applied on plastic bottles and also glass bottles and jars. Depends on the bottle material there would be a heat seal layer which covers the aluminum layer. For plastic bottles heat seal layer on the aluminum should be a PET, PE, PP or PVC. For glass bottles there should be special polymer that bond strongly with glass, so a strong seal will achieve.

The cap liners and seals will insert into the container or bottle closure. After filling the product into the bottle, the liner may apply to the container. At the end the bottle will seal by an induction sealing machine (whether hand held or automatic induction sealer). Please check our Our blog and facebook page as well.