Pressure Sensitive Liners

Pressure sensitive liners

Pressure sensitive Liners also famous as Press & Seal liners are in fact a type of adhesive coated foam, seals by torque activation without the need of any special equipment or sealing machine. It is possible to apply Pressure sensitive liners on plastic and glass bottles that contain solid and dry. Therefore you can use Pressure sensitive liners while the bottle is a PET, HDPE, PP, PVC or Glass bottle. What is important is that your product inside the container should be solid and dry. Cosmetic product manufacturers are almost the first consumer of Pressure Sensitive Liners in the market at the moment.

pressure sensitive liners

pressure sensitive liners

Pressure sensitive liners act as tamper evident liners which gives the manufacturer as well as the consumer that the product remains intact during the shipment, storage and sale procedure. One of the other great advantages of using pressure sensitive cap liners is increasing the sh

pressure sensitive liner

elf life.  As far as the liner is not removed, the product will remain factory fresh.

Press & Seal Liners

We are able to provide our clients with Pressure sensitive liners in different forms of Roll, Tape and also pre-cut disc liners. Also it is possible to supply plain pressure sensitive liners as well as logo or general printed. As a manufacturer and exporter in China we can provide you with your demanded thickness and width. Different liners size (10 mm ~ 150 mm) is possible to punch for our clients. Also tape width like 30, 40, 50, 60 mm and roll width like 20, 30, 40 cm would be available. We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of pressure sensitive liners from China. We do supply high quality sealing products at competitive prices.

If you are using a punching and inserting machine, then you should purchase Press & Seal in tape or roll. Otherwise we suggest pre-cut disc press & seal cap liners to seal glass & plastic bottles, jars or containers. We are able to cut press & seal liners as per the diameter you request. We may test your bottle or container to measure the best cap seal liner diameter you should use.

Both plain and printed press & seal liners would be available. Liners are normally will print with “Sealed for Your Protection" but we can print your logo, product name, brand name as per your request.

Finally, if you need other kinds of cap seal liners please check out product pages here. You can also check PET or HDPE bottles in our partner website.