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high quality cap seal liners

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High Quality Cap Seal Liners

High Quality Cap Seal Liners

Sealing + (Youth N Brothers) is a Taiwanese based company currently producing high quality cap seal liners and sealing machinery in Xiamen China.

As a leading manufacturer and exporter of quality induction cap heat seal liners we are manufacturing and exporting different types of induction cap seal liners for sealing PET, PE, Glass, PP and PVC bottles. We can supply high quality one piece (1 pc) and two piece (foam backing or pulp paper backing) cap seal liners.

We produce and export one-piece and two-piece (paper-back or foam back) type induction cap seal liners to be applied on a wide range of products packaging including food and beverages, pharmaceutical products (medicines tablets and capsule bottles), Lubricants, Motor Oils, Pesticides and Chemicals. We are currently supplying pre-cut cap liners (disks) with different diameters of 10 mm to 300 mm. Also same cap seal materials are available in roll and tape form in different widths from 3 cm up to 500 mm.

Our high quality cap seal liners are being manufactured under strict control of our QC staff and we guarantee a very consistent quality as well as discounted prices.

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Quality Products

We always use very high quality raw materials for producing induction cap seal liners. We only use quality aluminum, Paper (Pulpborad), adhesives, laminating materials for our products. We do care for the quality of raw materials as well as the finished induction sealing products. Cutting, packaging and shipment is always done under strict QC staff and manager control. High quality cap seal liners is what we produce.

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Consistent Quality

Our quality control staff are regularly checking, sampling and testing under production materials to be assured that the production is going on as per clients requirements. We do Guarantee a consistent quality for all repeating orders in long lasting cooperation periods. Our policy is keeping the quality consistent for our clients confidence & provide them with high quality cap seal liners.

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Discounted Prices

Price Always matters, quality and price always have a direct relation. We do not say we provide the cheapest prices in the market, but in comparison with the quality we do believe we are supplying discounted prices for our high quality cap seal liners and sealing products. Strong sealing feature of our seal liners will lead to a leakage proof packaging. High quality foil seal, reasonable prices.

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Mission statements


Forget Leakage Problems

Years of works and study is needed to have a flawless leakage prevention sealing. We have done that and we guarantee your sealed containers with our high quality cap seal liners would be 100% leakage free. 


Lower price, Higher Quality

Its our goal to do our best in R & D department to make higher quality seal liners and find way to cut the costs and expenses for making the prices more competitive and attractive for our honorable clients


ُSupportive Staff

Our staff are always here for you to do any help or support needed on the orders under production or for the finalized shipments. Any question or information will be handled in the quickest possible time as we believe your time is so worthy and we are here to save it for you