Hand Held Induction Sealer

Hand Held Induction Sealer

Hand Held Induction Sealer offers a combination of secure sealing capability, portability, and production flexibility from an incredibly small footprint.Hand held induction bottle sealer at 340x290x155 mm it requires a very little space to operate. Also hand held induction sealer seals all diameters from the smallest closures to 120 mm wide-mouth containers.

Unlike other hand held induction sealer over twice in size, hand held induction sealer offers premium flexibility and portability. Also the compact design and high level performance are some of the other featured benefits of the hand sealer. Hand held induction sealer is ideal for laboratory applications, manual or hand held production and off-line testing. Also it is good to use for startup operations with aspirations of increasing production quantity in near future.

hand held induction sealer

hand held induction sealer

Hand held induction cap sealer securely seals Plastic and Glass bottle caps & closures with aluminum foil seal liners. Plastic bottles including PET, PE (Polyethylene), PP (Polypropylene) and PVC will seal by hand held induction sealer. Portable induction cap sealer is equipped with an operator friendly display. This is surely an easy to use powerful hand held induction cap sealer. Also users will benefit from a digital sealing timer.

It’s so easy transport or store the portable induction cap sealer. Very light weight and small dimension provide an easy transport for the operator everywhere.


Hand Held Induction Bottle Sealer Operation

Hand Held Induction Bottle Sealer is very easy to operate. At first plug the system into a standard wall power outlet and it is ready to operate. Set the power level and the timer to the number of seconds the container requires for a secure seal. To seal, simply place the sealing head on the container's cap and press the handle button of the sealing head. The timer counts down to zero when power apply into the cap to form the seal. Also check the first few containers for seal quality. Adjust torque, power and time until you achieve a firm, but not scorched, sealing. Once you achieved the correct settings for the induction sealer, seals will be secure and consistent.

Hand Held Induction Bottle Sealer Specifications

Dimensions: 340 mm x 290 mm x155 mm

Weight: 6 kg

Input Voltage: 220 VAC, 50 Hz

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