PET Cap seal liners

PET Cap Seal liners

PET Cap Seal liners are one of our main cap lining and sealing products. As a Chinese manufacturer & exporter we provide our clients with PET cap seal liners all around the world. We are supplier of PET cap seal liners for PET bottles sealing for our local and also the international market.

pet cap seal liners

PET cap seal liners

We can produce different types of PET cap seal liners including 1 pc and 2 pc types. It is possible to make the aluminum foil layer with different thicknesses as per customer requirements. Also the backing layer (paper, pulpboard or PE foam) thickness is adjustable. Therefore there would be different thicknesses for cap seal liners and clients may choose the proper one for their PET bottle.Depends on the application of the induction sealing liner, different layers may apply on the aluminum liner or between aluminum layer and cardboard (backing paper).

Cap seal liners advantages

The advantages of using PET Cap Seal liners for PET bottles sealing probably are making them very popular. Here you can find some of these advantages:

  • Leakage Prevention during shipment, storage and shelf life
  • Keeps products intact from factory to end user
  • Keeps products factory fresh and avoid pilferage and make the shelf life much longer
  • Provide branding opportunity (logo printed liners are also available)
  • Keeps products from tampering

PET cap seals maybe used to seal a very wide range of products bottle. Here you may find the main applications of the PET Cap Seal Liners are as follow:

  • Food Products and Beverages
  • Edible Oils (Olive Oil…)
  • Medicine and Pharmaceutical Products (Tablets, Capsules, Powders, Syrups...)
  • Skin care products (creams, gels)
  • Pesticides and Agro-chemicals
  • Chemicals and Detergents
  • Lubricants (Motor Oil, Grease, Industrial Lubricants…)

The PET layer and also barrier layer (only in some kind of induction cap seal liners) is a necessary heat seal layer which make the sealing possible. So we should carefully study the application of the PET cap bottle as well as the container specifications. Also the product inside the PET bottle or container is important for choosing the proper liner. For a leakage free sealing appropriate PET cap seal liners should apply on the bottle. As a result it will ensure a safe & secure sealing on PET bottles and containers.

Finally we would like to invite you to visit PET Seal liners for more detailed information. The cap seal liners seems very popular, so you may find out you must use them as well.


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