Cap Seal liners

Cap Seal Liners

Cap Seal liners, those are magic. Tired of leakage problem on your product packaging? Cap Seals & Liners are very simple and inexpensive solutions for leakage problem. While using plastic or glass bottles, jars or containers, induction cap seals & Liners will help. Cap seal liners will bring a very safe and secure sealing for Glass and Plastic bottles & containers. They are possible to apply on PET, PP, PE, PVC plastic bottles with firm closures.

There are so many different cap seals liners which you can use for your bottle sealing. Each kind of cap seals & liners has some specific characters which give you different sealing result.

Cap seal liners

Cap seal liners

Induction cap seal liners can provide a very strong bond with specific container materials. Generally a very thin polymer layer will coat on the induction aluminum layer. The polymer is equivalent with the container material which the liner should apply on. If the product bottle is plastic (PET, PE, PP or PVC) the coating layer on the aluminum foil layer would be the same. Induction heat seal layer will brings a very safe and secure sealing for this kind of plastic bottles & containers.

Induction cap seals & liners

In fact induction cap seals & liners are high-performance sealing materials. Therefore they avoid leakage during storage & shipment and also protect it from fraud before it arrives to the consumer.

Induction cap seal liners would be available in all forms of Roll, Tapes and also pre-cut disk liners. While using an inserting machine or a punching and inserting machine using roll or tape form is possible. Pre-cut punched cap seal liners maybe possible to apply on your HDPE, PP, PVC, PET and glass bottles or containers.

The other advantage of using Cap seal liners is to keep your products as fresh as the day it was packaged and increase customer’s satisfaction. It also can act as a tamper evident liner. It gives the manufacturer and also the consumer that the product remains intact during the shipment, storage and shelf life.

Leakage prevention is almost the most important advantage of induction aluminum foil cap seal liners. Leakage problem is one of the most important complains of the both manufacturer and the consumer. Therefore if you succeed preventing it, you have got the customer satisfaction. Please check our partners websites for foil seal liners and induction cap seal & liners.