Foam Seal induction liner

Foam Seal Induction Liner

Foam Seal Induction Liner is a two-piece type induction seal material.  It is an induction lining material consisting of an aluminum foil layer with an appropriate heat seal layer. Also it has a polyethylene foam backing layer. Foam Seal induction liner is suitable to apply on Plastic or Glass bottles, jars & containers. It is possible to adjust the thickness of the PE foam layer to meet the client requirements.

Foam Seal Induction Liner is mostly popular in liquid products bottle sealing. The PE foam layer will separate from aluminum foil layer and will remain in the bottle closure. The separation of the foam and aluminum foil will happen after the completion of sealing process. So using Foam seal induction liner avoid leakage as far as the sealing line is on the bottles mouth.

Foam seal induction liner is mostly popular for sealing products bottles including:

  • Lubricants (motor oil, Engine Oil, Grease)
  • Edible oils, Fruit Juices, Beverages
  • Cleansing liquids (glass cleaners)
  • Anti-freeze liquid

These are only some of the products which are applying foam seal induction seal liner.

How to apply Foam Seal Liners?

Foam seal induction liner

Foam seal induction liner

Some clients new to induction sealing method ask how to apply foam seal induction liners on their product bottles? The answer is; that’s too easy. First of all foam seal induction liner will insert into the Bottle or container closure. Then the product should fill into the bottle and the cap seal liner may apply to the container. Finally the bottle will seal by an induction sealing machine to achieve a secure sealing result.

There would be no difference whether hand held or automatic induction sealer, the result would be almost the same. In order for the foam seal induction cap seal liner to function correctly, the closure must press the induction liner firmly on the bottle neck. Otherwise a strong sealing won’t achieve even by using a high quality foam seal induction liner inside the closure.

As a result we do recommend trying foam seal induction liners with liquid products that may use in multiple consumption times. The foam layer which remains in the bottle closure after sealing will provide extra sealing. Also Induction foam seal is suitable to apply on plastic bottles. Therefore applying it to PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP and PVC bottles will lead to very good sealing result. Also please kindly check our client’s website here.