Glass Induction Seal Liner

Glass Induction Seal Liner

Glass Induction seal liner can provide a very strong bond with glass bottles, jars & containers. Therefore it brings a very safe and secure leakage free sealing for glass bottles & containers. The glass induction seal liner is a high-performance, cheap and popular cap seal liner. It can avoid leakage during storage, shipment and also protect it from fraud before it arrives to the consumer.

Glass induction seal liner would be available in all forms of Roll, Tapes and also pre-cut liners in 3 different types as follow:


The other advantage of using Glass Induction Seal Liners is to keep your products as fresh as the packaging date. Hence it will increase customer’s confidence & satisfaction. No Leakage, No manipulating, No Cheating and finally fresh and healthy product will keep the consumer totally satisfied. This is every producer’s goal to gain customers satisfaction and increase sales amount. Seems by using a simple cap lining material like glass induction seal liner you can achieve the best possible result.

Aluminum Foil seal liners

Glass Induction Seal Liner also can act as a tamper evident liner on glass bottles & jars. Aluminum Foil seal liners will give both the manufacturer and the consumer that the product remains intact during the shipment, storage and sale procedure.

Glass aluminum foil seal liners is possible to apply on different products to seal a very wide range of products including:

  • Food & beverages (Chocolate Cream, Butter, Honey, Jam, Sauces & Dressings)
  • Pharmaceutical products (Medicine Tablets, Pills, Capsules, Syrups)
  • Detergents and Chemicals
  • Agrochemicals & Pesticides
  • Herbal medicine

One of the other great advantages of Glass induction Aluminum Foil seal liners is preventing leakage as far as the seal liner is not removed. No matter you use 1 pc or 2 pc glass induction seal liner, both will give safe and convenient packaging solution to your product. Glass Induction Seal Liner and wads are the best current sealing products helping manufacturers for a long period sealing.

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