One-Piece glass induction seal liner

One-Piece Glass Induction Seal Liner

The Heat seal layer on the one-piece glass induction seal liner can provide a very strong bond with glass bottles & containers. This will lead to a very secure, leakage free glass bottle and jar sealing. One-Piece glass Induction Seal Liner is a high-performance barrier that will prevent ingress or egress of moisture and gases. Therefore it ensures your products arrive to the consumer as fresh as the packaging day in the factory.

One-Piece Glass Induction Seal Liner also can act as a strong tamper evident glass aluminum seal liner. So it gives both the manufacturer and the consumer that the product remains intact from factory to store shelf. It will provide a leakage free and tamper evident product sealing during the shipment, storage and shelf life.

One-Piece Glass Induction Seal Liner can be used to seal a very wide range of products including:

  • - Food & beverages
  • - Pharmaceutical (Medicine)
  • - Detergents and Chemicals
  • - Agrochemicals
  • - Herbal medicine

The other advantage of using one-piece glass induction seal liner is preventing leakage as far as it is on bottle. Also it is the best to use with liquid or creamy products such as chocolate cream, honey, peanut cream etc. Because there is no backing paper to remain in the cap and after the aluminum liner removal, it won’t expose to the product. This keeps the product pure, healthy and safe for consumer consumption.

Glass aluminum foil sealing liner

1 pc glass aluminum foil sealing liner would be available in all forms of Roll, Tapes and also pre-cut liners. Depends on clients’ requirement we can provide different thickness, width and application for our one-piece glass induction seal liner.

One-piece Glass aluminum foil seal liner is one of our best sellers cap seal and cap lining materials during the past few years. As a result it is exporting to so many different countries all over the world. You are welcome to check our Paper Back induction cap seal liners here. Also you can check our client’s website here purchasing one-piece glass induction seal liner.


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