Paper-back PP Induction Seal Liner

Paper-back PP Induction Seal Liner

Paper-back PP Induction Seal Liner is a two-pieces type innerseal consist of different layers. Layers are including backing paper (PP paper) layer, wax, foil, and a polymer coated on the aluminum layer. The coating layer can provide a very strong bond with PP bottles & containers. The aluminum induction seal is a high-performance barrier that will prevent ingress or egress of moisture and gases. Therefore it ensures your product arrive to the consumer as fresh as the packaging day.

Paper-back PP Induction Seal Liner also can act as a secure tamper evident liner. Therefore it gives the manufacturer and the consumer that the product remains intact during the shipment, storage and sale procedure. Paper-back PP Induction Seal Liner is a quick, easy and cheap solution for PP (Polypropylene) bottle sealing.

Two pieces Paper-back PP Induction Seal Liner (cap seal liners) can be used to seal a very wide range of products including:

- Food & beverages

- Pharmaceutical Products

- Detergents and Chemicals

- Agrochemicals

- Herbal medicine

One of the other great advantages of using 2 pieces induction aluminum foil seal with paper backing is leakage prevention. As far as the seal liner is on the bottle container it will avoid leakage.

Paper-backing Seal Induction Liners

Paper-backing PP Induction Seal Liner aluminum foil seal cap lining material would be available in different forms. We are able to supply you with sealing materials in Rolls, Tapes and also pre-cut liners. We can slit the rolls and tapes to the widths as per your requirement. If you are using a punching and inserting machine, then aluminum seal tape or roll is the best for you. Also pre-cut disc liners would be possible to supply for clients who do not use punching machines. We may test your bottle or container to measure the best cap seal liner diameter you should use.

Paper-back PP Induction Seal Liner is one of our best sellers in cap seal and cap lining materials during the past years. Paper seal liners are exporting to so many different countries all over the world. Please kindly check our Paper-Back PE induction cap seal liners from here. Also you can check our partner company website here.