PE bottle Induction Cap Seal Liner

PE bottle Induction Cap Seal Liner

PE bottle Induction Cap Seal Liner (one-piece type) is an induction lining material consisting of an aluminum foil layer with an appropriate heat seal layer for PE bottles & containers. No foam or pulpboard paper backing is coming with this kind of heat aluminum foil seal liner.
PE bottle Induction Cap seal liner can be used in a very wide range of industries from pharmaceutical products to industrial lubricants or chemicals.

Some clients new to induction sealing method ask how to apply PE induction cap seal liner? The answer is it too easy. The induction cap seal material should be inserted into the PE Bottle or container closure. After the product is filled into the bottle, the cap seal liner should be applied to the container. At the end bottle should be sealed by an induction sealing machine aluminum induction foils seal liner(whether hand held or automatic induction sealer). In order for the PE induction cap seal liner to function correctly, the closure must have sufficient means of retaining behind a retention bead while allowing the liner to rotate freely. The closure must press the induction liner firmly on the PE bottle neck. Otherwise a strong sealing won’t achieve even by using a high quality one-piece induction heat seal liner inside the closure of the PE bottle.
Induction cap seal liner for PE bottle is one of the best, most popular and cheapest sealing solutions for plastic PE bottles & containers. PE bottle induction cap seal liner can be applied on a very wide range of products including:

- Pharmaceutical Products (Tablet bottles Sealing, Pill Bottles Sealing, Capsule Bottle sealing, Cream Container sealing etc.)
- Food & beverages (Chocolate Cream, Juice, Edible Oils, Dressing & Sauces etc.)
- Agrochemicals (Pesticides)
- Chemicals
- Lubricants (Motor Oil, Grease, Gearbox lubricants)

PE induction cap seal liner is available in one piece & two piece type. Both 1 pc and 2 pc type induction seal liners will deliver consistent and reliable strong induction sealing. Manufacturers will ensure that the product pack remains intact and the product remains ‘factory fresh’ until it is going to be used by their clients. The difference of the one-piece and two-piece cap seal liner is in the number of layers and the backing material. In 1 pc induction liner there is no backing layer. In the two pieces type there would be a backing paper or PE foam, it will act as a secondary liner coming with the aluminum foil seal, it will remain in the bottle closure after the induction procedure is done. PE bottle induction cap seal liner is our best recommendation for polyethylene bottle sealing.

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