Established over 20 years ago, Sealing+ is a global packaging company with two primary product lines: Induction Cap seals (Sealing Material) and Packaging Machinery. Sealing+ has a very strong presence in China as a local supplier of cap seals and in Asia, Europe & a growing presence in Latin America as an international supplier. Product ranges we supply lead the industry in innovation & quality. Sealing+ cap seals and liners cover the widest range of applications in the industry. All lining products are available in random or registered custom print (or plain liners with no print). Induction Liners (cap seals) for Plastic Bottles (PET, PE, PP, and PVC) and Glass bottles are our main products. One & Two piece induction liners & primary liners are the standard product line of our company. Anti-counterfeit and tamper evident features can be incorporated to ensure safety and brand protection. Our induction foil seal liners are suitable to be used in Food & Pharmaceutical industry as well as cosmetics, chemical and pesticides industries.

Where Do We Export?

We have already been exporting our first quality cap seals and induction sealing products (closure seal liners) to many different countries such as UK (England), Ireland, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, USA, Turkey, Poland, Netherlands, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Bulgaria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and UAE. As being the major induction cap seal liner supplier of European, Asian, American, African and Australian foil seal importers, we are proud of our 1st grade products at discounted prices and soonest production duration.

Looking for Induction Seal Liners?

Determine the best cap seals liner for your specific package with our Induction Seal Selection. Easily check detailed information of our product pages to find what you are looking for. If you are using PET, PE, PP, PVC or Glass bottle or container, we certainely have suitable solutions for your leakage problems. We are able to provide our honorable clients all over the world with free samples to assure them about the quality of our products before they place their orders with us.

What is Induction Sealing?

The induction sealing process bonds a foil laminate inner seal to the lip of a container. After the container has been filled and capped with an induction-lined closure, it passes underneath the induction sealing system. The non-contact heating process welds the liner to the container creating a hermetic seal. Therefore the FDA regards induction sealing (cap seals) to be an effective method of tamper evidence when properly applied, induction lined caps provide a hermetic, leak proof, and tamper evident seal. Using an induction sealing system is ideal for extending product shelf life, preserving freshness, preventing costly leaks and enhancing your product’s value.