Agro Seal Liners

agro seal liners

Agro Seal Liners

Agro Seal Liners (Agro seals) provide a very powerful bond with plastic bottles. Therefore, those are a sealing solution for sealing bottles with higher chemical resistance inside. When packing a corrosive chemical (pesticides, fertilizers, acids, etc) being able to seal the agro chemical bottle securely is a serious issue. Otherwise we will face leakage during shipment and shelf life of our products.

Agro sea liners are high resistance agro chemical seal against corrosive chemicals and provide a strong sealing for agro chemical bottles. We currently supply our customers with 2 main types of the agro seal liners:

  • Gold Agro Seal

  • Silver Agro Seal

They will result in very strong sealing and the only difference would their color. It doesn’t make any difference in the application of the seal liners and only provides a different look.

It is possible to cut different diameter of silver and gold agro seals in pre-cut disc liners (25.5 mm, 28 mm, 38 mm, 45 mm etc.) and also other required diameters. Moreover, we can supply Agro seal material in tape and master roll form.

Agro seal liners mostly come in 2 pieces types. The backing layer can be either Pulp-board (paper) or PE Foam. The 2nd layer will remain in the container closure and provides further sealing after the consumer removes the aluminum seal and start to use the product.

Which kind is suitable for my bottle?

There are a few steps to choose the suitable agro seal liners for your product. Firstly you should check your bottle material. It can be a PET, PE, PP or PVC plastic; the liner must be compatible with your bottle. Secondly, you must confirm whether you need a 1 pc or 2 pc type seal liners. Thirdly, you should confirm the product is corrosive or not. Fourthly, we need to know the exact diameter of the liner you need or the width of the tape or roll you need. And lastly, the quantity of agro seal liners you need, then will recommend the best possible sealing solution for your reference.

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