Aluminum Seal Liners

Aluminum seal liners are playing a very important role in our everyday life. From the breakfast table until the pills we may take at midnight, they are seen on the every product bottle we consume. Honey glass jars or milk bottles, medicine PET/PE bottles, Lubricant gallons we can see them everywhere.

In fact, aluminum seal liners are a very cheap and smart solution to prevent leakage as well as keeping the products safe from frauds in the market. Consumer will find the confident that the product is 100% secure to consume, also it is as fresh as the product date. Using induction seal liners on the product bottles will prevent the product from losing the moisture & aroma as well as keeping it safe from unwanted particles in the air. So bottle seals will preserve the quality and freshness which increases the customer’s satisfaction.

Aluminum bottle seal

If we carefully look around we will sure find a very wide range of packaging which has aluminum induction seal on them. Let give some examples:

  • Food Products

Every day we use so many different kinds of food products that use bottle seals to seal their container. Honey Glass Jars, Milk PET or PE bottles, Cheese PP container, Ketchup sauce PET bottles, Salad Dressing PE bottles, Chocolate Cream Glass jars, Peanut Butter PET jars, Olive Oil bottles etc

  • Pharmaceutical Products

There are plenty of different medicines & drugs which will have cap seal to protect their medicines. PET pill bottles, PE tablet bottles, PET & PE capsule bottles, Glass syrup bottles etc.

  • Cosmetics & Skin Care Products

One of the main product groups which use aluminum seal liners to protect their products is cosmetics and skin care. Body Lotion Tubes, Skin cream PE or PP containers etc

  • Industrial Lubricants

Lubricant due to their nature, always there would be risk of the leakage. So, keeping them safe with aluminum seal liners during shipment and shelf life is very important. Motor Oil PE Gallons, Engine oil HDPE bottles, Gear Box Oil, Grease containers and other industrial lubricant bottles are some good examples.

  • Pesticides & Agrochemicals

Leaking would be a serious issue on pesticides; it would affect people health, so it is crucial to use a secure sealing method on such chemicals. Induction sealing is quite secure and also a cheap solution. The price of foil seals in comparison to the security they provide is quite economic. Pesticide PE gallons, Chemical PET bottles, Agrochemical PET bottles, Chemical HDPE gallons are some good examples.

In conclusion, using suitable induction foil seal liners will probably lead to a very secure bottle sealing. If the wrong type of liner will use, sealing won’t achieve even by using a high quality foil seal liner. Check out our product page please. Also check on of our partners website buying aluminum seal liners from us.