Cap Liner

Cap Liner is a piece of material that will go between the bottle mouth and the cap. The main function of all cap liners is providing an appropriate sealing of the product bottle and prevent leakage during shipment and sales process.

Since the cap liner would be in direct contact with the product inside the bottle, chemical compatibility is critical. It is crucial to select a proper type of cap liner for the function we expect the liner does. Improper cap liners not only will shorten shelf life, but it can also allow leakage of the product during transit and causing quality problems.

Induction Cap Liner Types & Functions

There are many different types of induction cap liners, and some are for specific product applications, but for the purpose of this article let’s focus on the following:

Our packaging technical staff are always ready to help you find the best type of cap liners for your product. We also offer free samples to our client to run tests before placing an order to ensure them the liners are working with their product and containers. This is Sealing+ recommendation, always perform product compatibility testing to ensure fit and function.

Cap liners consist of specially treated aluminum foil bonded to various types of proprietary films for use with virtually any type of container or closure, including HDPE, PE, PET, PVC, PP and most thermoplastic containers as well as glass. They will provide tamper-evident hermetic seals suitable for use with foods, medicine, cosmetics, beverages, alkalies, acids, oils, organic solvents, flammables, powders, pellets and many other products. They are particularly effective for products that must be kept free from contamination, oxidation and moisture.