Cap Seals

Cap seals for Plastic (PET, PP, PE, PVC) and Glass bottles & jars provide a hermetic heat seal for bottle cap sealing. A plastic cap with a aluminum cap seal provides a strong seal and will prevent leakage.Sealing+ cap seals & liners are found, secure & confident at work, under the bottle lids of the world’s most famous products providing reliable protection against leakage, preserving freshness and increasing the shelf life, and authenticating product integrity, and aiding in preventing product contamination and strengthening end user confidence, while offering additional branding opportunities (logo printing or brand name embossing), and meeting specialized packaging & advertising needs.

cap seals

Are cap seals strong enough?

Yes! Cap seal liners are indeed strong seal when sealed with the right induction sealing equipment. This works on the principle of understanding what is the parameter of the induction cap sealing such as foil thickness, sealing layer thickness, application, product nature, etc.

We also encourage our clients to conduct a drop test and a check of cap seals strength. This strength of seal is very important as mostly considering the transportation may face accidental fall of bottles/boxes, bumpy roads, improper handling, etc.. This is vital as if a product leaks; the entire batch has to be recalled incurring additional transportation and handling charges resulting in substantial losses.

Are cap liners Tamper Evident?

Cap Seal Liners also can act as a secure tamper evident liner. Therefore it gives the manufacturer and the consumer that the product remains intact during the shipment, storage and sale procedure. Induction Seal Liner is a quick, easy and cheap solution for GLASS and plastic bottle sealing.

Two pieces & One-piece cap Induction Seal Liners (cap seal liners) can be used to seal a very wide range of products including:

– Food & beverages

– Pharmaceutical Products

– Detergents and Chemicals

– Agrochemicals

– Herbal medicine

One of the other great advantages of using induction aluminum foil seal with paper backing is leakage prevention. As far as the seal liner is on the bottle container it will avoid leakage.