Foil Seal

Foil seal are very popular because they are providing reliable protection against leaks. So, manufacturers in different industries are very keen on using foil seal liners to securely seal their product packages.

First of all let see what is a Aluminum Seal Liner? You can call them induction seal liners as well, are a kind aluminum liners. They are consisting of 3-4 different layers. They are consisting of an aluminum foil layer with a heat seal layer. The heat seal layer maybe a PET, Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP) or PVC for sealing plastic bottles. If the foil seal liners are going to apply on glass bottles, there would be a polymer can strongly bond with glass.

Foil seal liners

Foil Seals (induction liners) are hard at work, under the lids of the world’s most popular brands providing secure protection against leaks, assisting in preserving freshness and authenticating product integrity, and aiding in preventing product contamination and strengthening consumer confidence, while offering additional branding opportunities, and meeting specialized packaging needs.

If the aluminum layer comes with a paper or foam backing it is a 2 piece foil cap seal liner. The side with paper (pulpboard) or foam backing layer will insert into the container closure. Foil seal liners without a backing layer would be 1 piece type seal liners. 1 pc and 2 pc liners have different typicality. Therefore it is recommended to use 1 pc with some kinds of products and the 2 pc type with others.

Working with induction seal liners is too easy. Furthermore they greatly assist preserving freshness and authenticating product integrity. Also induction foil seals easily prevent product contamination during shipment and also shelf life. So using induction foil seal liners under the lids of the world’s most famous products is strengthening consumer confidence. Also it is offering additional branding opportunities and meeting manufacturers specialized packaging needs.

Induction Foil Seals

As we described earlier on the page, there are different kinds of induction foil seals. The aluminum seal layer may come with a PET, PE, PP or PVC heat seal layer.  So this is the layer which specifies what kind of bottle can be used with the liner. So it is important to know what your product bottle material is. Finally you can decide what kind of induction foil seal is suitable for your bottle sealing. The heat seal layer will make strong bond with the bottle and a good sealing will happen as a result.

In conclusion, using suitable induction foil seal liners will probably lead to a very secure bottle sealing. If the wrong type of liner will use sealing won’t achieve even by using a high quality foil seal liner. Please kindly check product page to see our full product and services range. We are currently supplying aluminum seal liners for plastic (PET, PE, PP, PVC) and GLASS bottles and containers.