Induction Cap sealing Machine

Whether you need an induction cap sealing machine for high volume production or a small family business (laboratory cap sealing), Youth & Brothers have an induction sealing equipment solution for you. Each of our induction sealing machines is designed for reliable & consistent field performance. Our skilled staff would help and guide you in selecting the perfect induction cap sealing machine. This would happen for the suitable induction seal liners as well to ensure you achieve a perfect induction seal.

We normally offer 2 different two different induction seals. Type one is suitable for small businesses (500 bottles per hour). It is the hand held type. The other one which has much higher speed and is suitable for factories with remarkable production speed (5,000-10,000-20,000 or more bottles per hour) we suggest our full automatic sealing machine. Due to featuring a touch screen interface with advanced control for the ease of the operator.

It is very simple to operate our machine and they can seal all diameters from the smallest closures to 120 mm wide-mouth containers. Induction cap sealer offers premium flexibility and portability. Also the compact design and high level performance are some of the other featured benefits of our induction sealing machine.Induction cap sealing machine securely seals Plastic and Glass bottle caps & closures with aluminum foil seal liners. There for there would be no need to feel worry about your container material at all. Plastic bottles including PET, PE (Polyethylene), PP (Polypropylene) and PVC will easily seal by hand held induction sealer. Portable induction cap sealer has an operator friendly display. This is surely an ease to use powerful hand held induction cap sealer. Also users will benefit from a digital sealing timer. It’s so easy to transport or store the portable induction cap sealer. Very light weight and small dimension provide an easy transport for the operator everywhere.