Induction Seal Liners for Glass Bottles

If you are packing your products in Glass bottles or jars (with plastic cap) then Induction seal liners for glass bottles is one of the best solutions. it is one of the cheapest, easiest, quickest the most secure methods, therefore every manufacturer love it. Induction liners are mainly using for Plastic bottle sealing, but there are special induction seal liners for glass bottles sealing as well. Sealed with electromagnetic induction machines no heat will apply to the product nor the bottle (only aluminum will heat up). Being contact-less and keeping the bottle and product not affected by high temperature are 2 major advantages of using induction sealing method.

Glass induction seal liners are suitable to use with different products mainly the one in solid, powder or cream shape products including food products (honey, sauces, chocolate cream, butter and peanut cream), cosmetics, daily necessities etc. Lining materials will prevent the permeation of oxygen and moisture parallel with barrier-properties of their structure. The goods content remains longer conserved and remain factory-fresh as long as the induction seal liner for glass bottle is on your container. Also the product will remain intact during its shelf life and the consumers will purchase the goods with full confidence. The right induction seal liner for glass bottles gives consumers’ confidence in safety and convenience.

Customized seal liners

We are able to produce customized seal liners as well. It is possible to choose different thicknesses for Aluminum, pulpboard or foam layer. Also customized liner diameter as well and logo or phrase print on the liner would be possible to be done as per our clients’ inquiry. We are also able to supply induction sealing material in roll or tape form as well as pre-cut disc liners. Some of the routine diameters we cut are 43, 44, 49, 50, 60, 59, 63, 70, 71.5, 88.5 and 90 mm. maybe some clients prefer to have 1 or 3 pull tabs for the liners. We are glad to confirm we can product these products as well.

There are different types of glass foil liners like 1-piece and 2-piece induction liners. 1 pc type liners are consist of 1 aluminum layer plus 2 or 3 other layers of wax and thermoplastic layers. 2 pc type liners are consist of 1 aluminum layer plus wax plus a paper (pulp board) or foam layer as well as a thermoplastic layer on the foils.  If you need glass induction seal liners please feel free to contact our sales staff any time.