Foil seal liners

Foil Seal liners are awesome; there are rare packaging products that help manufacturers like that. You would find foil seal liners under the lids of the world’s most popular brands providing secure protection against leaks, helping in preserving freshness and authenticating product integrity, and assisting in preventing product contamination during shipment and shelf life that will  strengthening consumer confidence, while offering additional branding opportunities, and meeting specialized packaging needs for any manufacturer.


Foil seal types

As we described earlier on the page, there are different kinds of induction foil seal liners. The aluminum seal layer may come with a PET, PE, PP or PVC heat seal layer.  So this is the layer which specifies what kind of bottle can be used with the liner. So it is important to know what your product bottle material is. Finally you can decide what kind of induction foil seal is suitable for your bottle sealing. The heat seal layer will make strong bond with the bottle and a good sealing will happen as a result.

There are 2 major types of induction seal liners. If the aluminum layer comes with a paper or foam backing it is a 2 piece foil seal liner. The side with paper (pulpboard) or foam backing layer will insert into the container closure. Foil seal liners without a backing layer would be 1 piece type. 1 pc and 2 pc liners have different typicality. Therefore it is recommended to use each type with some specific products. We have provided a full description of each type in related pages, you may have glance at them before decide to choose the liner type you may need.

Also you may use some different kinds of induction seal with special products. The liner you can use with honey would be quite different with the foil seal liners that is suitable for pesticides or acidic products that may have corrosive specifications. So it is very important to choose the proper induction Seal for your product. Our technical staff are ready to serve you and find the best sealing solutions for your products.