induction seal liners
induction seal liners

Sealing +

Sealing Plus is a Taiwanese company based in Xiamen, China. Our production plant is operating in Xiamen, China for many years, and its main activity in China is the production of induction heat sealing liners. As a producer of induction sealing manufacturer, we produce induction sealing washers for packing and sealing various types of food, pharmaceutical and health products, industrial lubricants, pesticides and chemical fertilizers. It is possible to produce induction heat sealing liners in pre-cut, strips as well as master rolls. Having an experienced, trained and committed staff, we are ready to meet the needs of our valued customers from all over the world.

Where Do We Export?

We have already been exporting our first quality induction heat sealing liners and other products (pre-cut, strips and master rolls) to many different countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Argentina, Bulgaria, France, Canada, Spain, Italy, USA, Turkey, Poland, Colombia Netherlands, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Egypt and UAE. We have a very wide range of clients and we are supplying different types of business from food and beverages, pharmaceutical products, Cosmetic, Pesticide and Fertilizers and industrial Lubricants.

What kind of Bottles?

As you may know, it is possible to apply induction seal liners with Plastic and Glass bottles. In the plastic bottle and containers range, the material could be PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC or Crystal. No matter which container you use, we always have solutions for it sealing. You would be able to get rid of leakage problem during storage, shipment and shelf life of your products. Also all your products will reach the consumer intact and safe & sound as far as the induction heat sealing liners are protecting your products.

Available Sizes?

We have more than 150 punch & die molds available in our production plant. We are able to punch pre-cut disc sizes from 20 mm up to 180 mm. When a customer needs to place an order, we check the liner size they need and check the mold availability. If the mold is in stock, then there would be no problem to cut the sizes our client needs, otherwise we have to make the mold as per the size our customers container dimensions.