Why Induction Sealing?

why induction sealing?

Why Induction Sealing?

Whenever we purchase a product for personal use, especially when it is a medicine, beverages, cosmetics or food etc. our primary concern is the quality of the product. We assess the product quality by various parameters such as brand name and company reputation, contents, aesthetics, and packaging. The other important criterion for product use is its safety.

Induction sealing is easy to use, cheap and needs minimal maintenance, quite safe and remarkably increase the product shelf life. Also it will increase the customers’ reliability to use the products with more confidence. That would be a great achievement for every single business.

Induction sealing offers a perfect solution to all the packaging requirements. A product presented in good packaging with proper & safe sealing, leak free, and tamper evidence symbolizes quality and safety. The packaging offers assurance that the product is intact and will sustain through the shelf life.  The packaging should be compliant with the product, endure the environment, user friendly and not too expensive. These are all specifications of induction sealing.

The most important question is why induction sealing? As a manufacturer or customer, you need to be aware of the benefits offered by this packaging option.
Some of the advantages include Cost effective, Leak proof, Tamper evident, Assured quality, Eco-friendly, Higher productivity and Longer shelf life.

We will later discuss more details of different type of aluminum seal liners and also why induction sealing is one of the best methods of container sealing. Also we will try to thoroughly describe what kind of induction foil seal is suitable for what kind of products or containers. There are several parameters you should consider when you are going to choose suitable foil seal for your product and bottle. Let me give you an example, if you have glass bottle of honey, then 1 pc induction seal liner would be the best choice, but if you have PET bottle of tablets, then you must thick to use a 2 pc type PET Foil seal.

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