What is Induction Cap Sealing?

what is induction sealing?

What is Induction Cap Sealing?

The induction cap sealing process involves an induction current being applied to an aluminum foil liner inserted into a plastic cap. The bottle is first filled by the product, and then the cap (which already has the liner inside) is applied. The liner contains the sealing material adhered to a foil layer. The induction current heats the foil liner, melting the sealant. The pressure of the threaded cap upon the bottle provides the required pressure. As the sealing layer cools, it sticks to the bottle making a hermetic seal.

In more simple words, induction cap sealing is a non-contact process where the liner within the cap of the bottle is sealed on the mouth of bottle using induction heating. The filled and capped bottle is passed under the cap sealing machine head and the sealing is done through a no contact method. In this process the bottle nor the product will warm up, so it is a very suitable and safe sealing process for the bottles that are sensitive to heat (like PET bottles) as well sensitive products such as pharmaceutical and cosmetics.

The liner within the cap has multiple layers; there are different types like 1 pc or 2 pc induction foil seal that we will talk about them later. The sealing head emits an electromagnetic field when the container is passed under it. The eddy current heats the aluminum foil liner that seals the mouth of the container in less than a second.

This non-invasive process helps to achieve a hermetic seal on the bottle with the cap closed and does not affect the contents. Induction sealing is extensively used for plastic and glass containers of varying sizes and it is important to know that cap must be a plastic cap and the metal caps will avoid the sealing process.

Induction sealing is necessary for a variety of markets needing plastic bottle sealing like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverages, pesticides and fertilizers, industrial lubricants, automotive, and many more applications. We have expertise aiding companies in all of these markets.


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