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What is Induction Cap Sealing?

what is induction sealing?

What is Induction Cap Sealing? The induction cap sealing process involves an induction current being applied to an aluminum foil liner inserted into a plastic cap. The bottle is first filled by the product, and then the cap (which already has the liner inside) is applied. The liner contains the sealing material adhered to a […]

Why Induction Sealing?

why induction sealing?

Why Induction Sealing? Whenever we purchase a product for personal use, especially when it is a medicine, beverages, cosmetics or food etc. our primary concern is the quality of the product. We assess the product quality by various parameters such as brand name and company reputation, contents, aesthetics, and packaging. The other important criterion for […]

Induction Sealing Benefits

induction seal benefits

Induction Sealing Benefits Even if they don’t know it, most people already have some experience with induction sealing. Whenever you pry the little silver aluminum liner off the top of a fresh bottle of milk, an unused bottle of medication, or a new beauty product, you’ve broken an induction seal. Do you remember your confidence […]

How to Choosing a Sealer?

How to Choosing a Sealer?

How to Choosing a Sealer? The procedure of achieving a perfect seal result includes matching the container cap, foil seal liner, and sealing machine; setting up an operating window, and establishing proper testing methods for reaching a perfect seal. So, understanding how to address and control induction-sealing variables, manufacturers can expect to achieve a perfect […]