glass induction seal

Glass Induction Sealing

Proper Glass induction sealing is the most important concern of any manufacturer that packs his products into Glass Jars, bottles & containers. The main problem they face is that they are having leaking issues and they force to recall some products any time. Also without Glass induction sealing, the containers are not tamper evident. So the manufacturer and also the consumer are not confident if the product is 100% intact or not. This is where induction seal liners start playing their role and keep both sides safe and confident.

What kind of products?

When your container material is Glass, there would be a big difference if your product is solid or liquid. You will be able to easily seal your Glass container with induction sealing liners when your product is solid, powdery or creamy. But if your product is liquid or oily, then you must find a better solution. Of course there are different types of Glass seal liners that each one would be suitable for special kinds of products, but you won’t have any problem for sealing your products’ bottle & containers.  Also glass Induction sealing for an acidic product must have an extra anti corrosive layer that diary foil seals do not need it at all.

Sealing Speed

There would be proper solutions for all companies, no matter if you have only 100 bottles to seal every day or 100,000 bottles; you would be able to purchase suitable induction sealer. The sealing machine would be the same for all kinds of containers and products, but the foil seal liner will differ. This is what you must inform your supplier about. If your container is Polypropylene plastic, then you must apply Glass Induction sealing liners, and if the bottle is a glass bottle, then you must use Glass Induction Liners. But both of them would be possible to be sealed with the sealing machine.