Induction Sealing Machine

Induction sealing machine offers a combination of secure sealing capability and production flexibility. Based on the quantity of the bottles you need to seal in a full working shift you may be able to use a hand held sealer, a semi-automatic induction sealer or a full automatic induction sealer. The type the machine you should use is directly proportional to the speed of your production line. The higher the speed of your production line is the more powerful induction sealing machine you will need.

Induction cap sealers securely seals all kinds of Plastic and Glass bottle caps & closures with aluminum foil seal liners. Plastic bottles including PET, PE (Polyethylene), PP (Polypropylene) and PVC will seal very quickly and brings benefits of a leak proof packaging.  Different types of cap sealers will have different specifications. For example the cooling system for Portable & semi-Automatic cap sealer is air cooling. But for full automatic cap sealer there would air cooling and water cooling. The buyer will decide to choose the type he prefers.


Our induction sealing machines are equipped with an operator friendly display. It would be very easy to adjust the appropriate sealing settings with pressing only a couple of keys. Moreover it is very quick to learn how to work with the induction sealing machine. Within a few minutes for portable sealer up to a couple of hours for automatic sealer, your staff would ready to operate the machines with no problem.

The price

Induction sealing machine are not expensive machines, it would be possible to buy one from a few hundred dollars for potable sealer up to a few thousand dollars for semi and full automatic machines. These are equipment are very economical and need minimal maintenance, they will work long hours without any need to be re-set or repair.