induction foil seal

Induction Foil Seal

Induction foil seal also known as induction seal liners are one of the most sealing methods to seal a wide range of products & container all around the world. Induction foil seal is a Heat foil inner seal material that usually can apply on plastic and glass containers. It will provide a strong bond with clean peel removal from these containers. Induction Foil Seal liner will provide a tamper-evident seal to PET containers & Bottles. There are different kinds of induction seal liners based on the number of the consisting layers.

1 PIECE Induction Seal Liners

In fact this type itself is consisting of at least 3 layers. The aluminum layer in the middle, a PE foam layer on top as well a heat seal layer at the bottom side are the consisting layers. This is the layer which will melt and bond to the container opening during sealing process. 1 piece Induction Seal liners completely adhere to container lip after sealing process. Any secondary liner will not remain on the cap.

Typical applications: food products (sauces, drinks, creams), cosmetics (lotions, shampoos), chemicals (bleach, cleaners) etc.

2 PIECE Induction Seal Liners

Induction seals consisting of an inner seal and a secondary seal (pulp backing) that separates from the foil laminate during the sealing process remaining in the closure. This type of foil seal liners are consisting of at least 4 layers. Pulp backing, wax, foil seal and the last one would be heat seal layer.

Typical applications: pharmaceuticals, food products, agrochemicals, lubricants etc.

Paper-back Induction Seal Liner

Paper-back PET Induction Seal Liner is a two-pieces type inner seal consist of different layers. Layers are including backing paper layer, wax, foil, and a polymer coated on the aluminum layer. The coating layer can provide a very strong bond with bottles & containers. The aluminum induction seal is a high-performance barrier that will prevent ingress or egress of moisture and gases. Therefore it ensures your product arrive to the consumer as fresh as the packaging day.

Induction Foil Seal Liner also can act as a secure tamper evident liner. Therefore it gives the manufacturer and the consumer that the product remains intact during the shipment, storage and sale procedure.

Two pieces Paper-back Induction Seal Liner (cap seal liners) can be used to seal a very wide range of products including:

– Food & beverages

– Pharmaceutical Products

– Detergents and Chemicals

– Agrochemicals

– Herbal medicine

One of the other great advantages of using 2 pieces induction aluminum foil seal with paper backing is leakage prevention. As far as the seal liner is on the bottle container it will avoid leakage.